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   Use technology to serve you. No one likes carrying a lot of keys. Even today's cars use push to start and RFID technology. Why should your home be any different. From retina scanners to simple numeric access controls. What ever your budget, we can provide you with added simplicity to your life. 

  When it comes to electronics things can get complicated. We strive to keep things simple for our clients. ​This is one of the ideals we keep on the forefront of our minds. Many AV companies fail to do this. Our customers rest assure after seeing how we provide this for them. One push of a button you can be ready to watch, listen or shut down the entire home. Our team stays up to date on all the new latest technology to provide the most seamless system to fit your needs. 

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   We've got all your needs covered: 

from residential remodels, to commercial offices and restaurants. . We have a complimentary estimate where we'll come out to you. We want you to get the most out of your home or business. ​


   Networking is the most critical portion and the back bone of any smart home or business. From streaming netflix to surfing the net, our lives our now intertwined with the internet. We don't have the time and most of us the patients for a slow network. We only use the best products on the market to keep you going at the high speeds that you pay for from your internet provider. 

   Peace of mind is priceless. Protect your investments at home or business. Theater Done Right does not only install AV systems but we also provide the best surveillance systems on market. View your properties from any where in the world right from your phone. 


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   Today's home is not complete without a TV room. Relax comfortable in your own private entertainment area. Whether a full blown home theater, to a comfortable family room, Theater Done Right can provide you with this exceptional must have.

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   No home or business is fully complete without this growing industry - Lighting Control. Not only does this provide a more comfortable environment but it also helps cut down on energy. Saving money and reducing your own energy footprint. Going green and saving green is a win win.



Our work is some of the best out there and our pricing is highly competitive. We want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until its Done Right! 

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